Russell Bradley Paints and Writes, He  Studied Art at the Slade ,London in 1985  his tutor was Bruce Mclean, Before that he studied at Amersham College of Art from 82 _85

This Website features Russell Bradley’s latest Work. Well really I started painting again in 2013, and had to learn how to paint again ,I had get back what i had taken for granted and it has taken 5 years  . The Plien Air painting really helped get my eye back standing out side in the Spanish Sun is Both wonderful and exhausting as my Brain slowly melts and i start to trip out on the intensity of the light. The Colors become changed by the experience.

Here is an exert from a book I am writing called  Seeing Which is where i find this self  at present.

“Close your eyes , feel your emotional response, . There is nothing to explain and nothing to defend .

everything you are doing is what you are doing ! THE FORCES YOU CREATE within you, make their way in to the world and establish the order of your life. This itself is what you awaken too.

The imagination is directly connected to mental stability and emotional fulfillment. Beauty is the path , seek beauty to penetrate the core of uncertainty remind yourself of it everyday.

Paint what you see, you will understand how little you do see in the process, it is only when you change inside that the ability to see widens.

By observing how much emotional suffering you cause yourself, describe a situation in which you are not a subject to your own reactions, because they control you!

There is no difference to what claims the energy ,it is what the energy is converted in to. How it is colored by individual experience creates the patterns of experience which repeat themselves .”


Below is the Portrait of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher I  was commissioned to paint in 1992 by The British Science and Technology trust, Prof Paul Cook MBE. She sat for the portrait and it was unveiled in London to the TV and Press .

1992, PM Margaret Thatcher, with Artist Russell Bradley

lady T to a T



Margaret Thatcher with Prof Paul Cook MBE.


If you would like to commission a portrait  I am Available.

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