Galicia, Free book promo


GALICIA Kindle Edition

Galicia is free on Amazon Kindle  Monday the 7th of August.

Part 1
Galicia has long held a mystical attraction for its visitors, it is the sacred road of the Camino de Santiago, a place of transformation from beast to man and man to beast. When events take an unexpected turn The Dreamer finds himself in a town befriending two Unconventional strangers who change the way he views the world. Exploring the nature of desire, sexuality, Extra sensory perception and spirituality the ultimate journey of self discovery awaits him as he ventures in to a labyrinth of time.
Part 2
The Dreamer has now moved in to a future world that seems impossible to imagine, where even his name along with the rest of the population has been changed: Kvasir the main character of the book is about to awaken from the Genocide that surrounds him. It has become ingrained in to society like the dirt on a welcome mat. Exiled in an apple orchard which now effectively serves as the city’s mental asylum Kvasir has a Extrasensory vision.
The one and only Company left in the world has asset stripped every country and bought every politician, they use a method of mind control to do so called “ Performance.” It has become society’s reality, a cross between TV and Crack Cocaine. Now the only competition left is the population who stand in the way of complete world dominance.

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